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Money in the bank

July 18, 2011

3.17am GMT: Cole talks about the Montreal screwjob.

3.48am GMT: Screwjob remake ensues, Cena isn’t happy & breaks the hold

3.50am GMT: CM Punk is champ & Del Rio’s money in the bank win is deemed pointless. Even if it wasn’t “cashed in” he fell down from one punch, showing he’s no threat to whoever ends up champion in 24 hours. Vince convincingly chews some wasps.

So what’s the end result?

Cena comes out looking good (even after all the boos) because he refused to win without a clean finish.

Punk comes out looking good because he did exactly what he said he’d do.

Del Rio becomes a joke.

Raw becomes a vapid wasteland while Cena remains “fired” & we see Cody Rhodes in main events. Cena returns to fight the one guy on the roster he hasn’t killed yet, pick up the belt from whoever is holding onto it & fight The Rock at Wrestlemania next year.

CM Punk is now huge & does whatever he wants to (but even if he sticks with wwe, it still won’t affect Cena’s return & title win).

Everyone that isn’t Del Rio goes away happy.

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