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Martyrshow is ran by Martin Shaw (geddit?) pretty much exclusively. All content is original & is created, produced, edited & (where it applies) written by Martin Shaw. I’m pretty sure that means it’s owned by Martin Shaw as well, so no copying &/or re-distributing anything you see posted on here.

If you have a problem with any of the content (or you just want to leave some feedback) feel free to leave a comment below.

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About the author

Bored with what music industry was shovelling to the masses, Martin formed the short lived grunge-folk trio Destination Undefined, a group who quickly disbanded after the recording of the demo.

From the ashes of Destination Undefined came The Senile Youth, a duet featuring 4 musicians. After some mildly insulting chatter, Martin took the name for himself, quickly hunting down any other myspace bands with the same name & casting infinite shame unto them, lest they change it.

Change they did & the now solo Senile Youth recorded the video album Anti-socialite. Said album gained many a good word from the press & a single track was then selected for play on radios all around a small area in Canada.

With the enormous weight of success on his shoulders, Martin sought out members for Morbid Obesity, an experimental black metal band that still holds a large following to this day.

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