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On Public GTA Online Double RP Heists…

July 25, 2015

I’m going to get a bit wordy, so if you just want to see the video, here it is…

…with that out of the way, lets talk about the prison break heist.

This particular heist involves 4 set-up missions:


This one has you drive out to an air field, kill a bunch of gang members and fly off with their 5-seater plane.

What actually happens: You jump in your armoured car, drive out and destroy every gang member you can find. The pilot will then steal the plane and drive it into one of the cars left behind by the gang members, exploding it and failing the mission.


This one has you drive out to the desert, steal a prison bus and drop it off in a secluded location.

What actually happens: You grab the bus and drive it up a mountain to get away from the police, then spend 20 mins waiting for your team mates to lose their wanted level. They will usually die at this point, failing the mission, but sometimes they’ll wait to the very last second and just quit the session.


This one has half of the team steal a car from the docks, while the other half steals a police car and take the transport schedule from the police station.

What actually happens: The docks team steals the car and drives off while the police team manages to get themselves killed while doing that of the most trivial of tasks – dialling emergency services on their iFruit phone.

Wet Work

This one has half of the team take out lawyers and the other half sneak in to a highly guarded mansion and take out their target.

What actually happens: You sneak in to the mansion, wait for the guard to pass, run up the stairs and silently take out your target. Your partner will then make it over the wall into the mansion grounds and decide to take on the guards instead of just fucking off round the corner and waiting until the other team has killed the lawyers.

The Heist

This is the epic finale. Congratulations if you’ve made it this far. The pilot has to go to the airport, fly a plane to the airfield out in Sandy Shores, avoid jets, pick up the prison team and fly out to the sea, then everyone parachutes to victory. The demolition member has to blow up a bus and then guard the plane.

What actually happens: The pilot makes it to the airfield and then does laps of it while dodging jets and missiles for the next 25 mins while the prison team gets lost, killed, and fails the mission.


Bread The Whole Time?

February 3, 2015

Sam, Siobhan and myself have launched a new youtube channel called BreadTheWholeTime, or possibly Bread Talks…

The main show is Bread Talks, it features a mixture of animation and conversation. The goal of every episode is to learn something, even if it’s just about each other’s ideal weapon for when the zombie apocalypse happens…

Here be the channel intro:

The secondary show is Bread Plays, you’ll never guess what happens on there…

We also do streams on Twitch, so you should probably go there and subscribe as well.

The Loot Drop, and other things…

September 23, 2014

The Loot Drop podcast and I have sorta parted ways.

It shouldn’t affect the show too much (unless you’re a real big fan of my book references and whatnot). As far as I know, they’re gonna keep using the intro music I made (if they feel a bit weird about it and want to use something else, that’s also cool, but I’m not asking for that, and I’d never use the theme for anything else). All the youtube vids of my twitch streams and whatnot should still be there (we don’t claim ads on Youtube, so It’s not like we’d need to start doing maths and whatnot). All the streams should still be on Twitch as well.

This might change as time goes on, but I’m still gonna be the one who updates and iTunes whenever Jack uploads a new episode. I know how to do it, so I don’t have a problem with helping them out.

I might remove the link to the iTunes from the header and pop it down in “other places worth your time”, but that’s about all I can think of in terms of changes.


If you wan’t my reasons for leaving, I’m just gonna say this:

Things have been pretty weird between Dale and I since the summer. I’m not really sure why things got weird, but they did. I’ve tried to figure out why, but it’s just not fun times for either of us.  Things can be a bit weird at the college because of this, and it got quite weird in the Loot Drop group chat over the weekend, so I decided I should leave.

Will I start another podcast? Craig actually asked me this. I really enjoy hanging out on skype with people and whatnot, and the streams were all really cool, so I’ll probably just be doing more of that (probably at

Will I be back at some point?  I dunno. I hope things will get better. I don’t think either of us are happy with things the way they are. We just need to sort the friendship out and get back to helping each other out and talking about cool/crazy shit, regardless of if it’s on the podcast or not.

OTHER STUFFS: went through some changes, most notably shit-canning a bunch of profiles that didn’t meet the ad-revenue requirements, so seasons 1 and 2 of the martyrshow podcast (the old one, with Craig) are now in limbo. I’ll find a new host at some point, but it might take a while.

October is almost here and I haven’t been keeping up with wrestling at all, so you probably shouldn’t hold your breath for another special Pulse column next month.

Some Music Stuffs…

July 29, 2014

I guess i’ll start with the newest first…


Running The World was originally released by Jarvis Cocker. You might remember it from the end of Children of Men and whatnot.

I’m really not sure why I went with a John Lennon sort of thing on this. I was trying to record Working Class Hero at one point and I guess the settings sounded fine after being up for like 30 hours.


One of the first ever videos I put on youtube was a cover of To All of You by CKY, and I’ve been slowly getting better at playing it since then. This was recorded a little while ago, we don’t have the sofa anymore.



I did a parody of Redemption Song by Bob Marley that focused on Ubisoft and their treatment of PC gamers. It was fun, but it didn’t do the original song justice. This version’s just a regular cover.



College Animation Stuffs

July 22, 2014

We learned how to use Flash (sorta) this year and I made some things that are actually suitable for viewing. The first is the Pink Floyd thing you’ve probably already seen the .gif of…



The second is a thing with fish that everyone had to make. I don’t think asnyone else took it to its logical, seizure inducing conclusion…



The final one was the big thing we were gonna be assessed on. We had to make something about our future and use specific elements (like an actual photo), so I made something that references everything I was watching at the time…


He Stole a Loaf of Bread….

July 21, 2014

So i’ve been trying to get a whole bunch of people to watch Les Mis over the past, i dunno, 60 million years… part of that convincing involved showing them meme type thingys of Crowe and Jackman’s duet from the start of the movie. Over time, I ended up memorising the whole thing (the prologue, not the whole movie*) and singing it to myself just like normal people do (right?). Making a video became the next logical step…



Also made a little companion piece (which the cat wonders in and out of for reasons)…



If, for some strange reason, you just wanna hear the music…


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