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The Specials

The Night of Champions Special

Date of release: 20th of September, 2011

Craig and Martin discuss WWE Night of Champions, poor booking during the ECW buyout & the stupid shit TNA does.

Stream via Youtube

From Acid House to Winehouse

Date of release: 26th of July, 2011

Craig & Martin map out a house drum beat & try to comprehend the importance of one, talk about 606′s, 808′s & 303′s, 10 Ragas To a Disco Beat by Charnajit Singh being acid before acid, ridiculous genres that have no definition i.e.”grime” “garage” “uk funky”… The subject of Winehouse is brought up and we get confused with the number of albums she released vs the number of albums she should’ve & move on to talk about other posthumous releases by people like Hendrix, Tupac, Nirvana…

Stream via Youtube

The Harry Potter Special

Date of release: 19th of July, 2011

Craig and Martin discuss Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows parts 1 & 2, Alan Rickman’s acting, Evanna Lynch’s need to marry Martin (or vice versa), Gambon’s “come to bed” eyes, zombies and the future in this absolutely non 12A rated episode.

Stream via Youtube 

Godzilla Loses T-shirts While Charlie Sheen Weighs the Nukes

Date of release: 16th of March, 2011

Craig and Martin discuss opening a show, the kindle, obesity, Japan, Charlie Sheen and much, much more.

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The Emergency Podcast

Date of release: 15th of February, 2011

Questions are asked and personal things are revealed as Craig and Martin discus the repercussions of what they say and do on the internet and wonder what is going to happen in the future.

Stream via

Call of Duty: Black Ops special

Date of release: 9th of November, 2010

Craig and Martin discuss Activision’s latest FPS

Stream via Youtube

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