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Down Here

Down Here is a short documentary directed by yours truly, primarily focusing on finding out what happened to Al Pacino between 1985 & 1989 that has prevented him from acting to the best of his abilities pretty much ever since.

Podcast announcing DOWN HERE

Video Announcement

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  1. Bucky permalink
    February 16, 2011 1:29 AM

    It’s about time,assholes.
    Re: 7AM- I figured that was a lighter…Damn hoplophobic Europeans.Not you,mind,just in general.
    Re: Your aunt- I have multiple aunts and uncles like her.One of the many reasons I stay the hell away from Facebook.
    Re: Down Here- Looking forward to it
    Re: Martin’s appearance in the vid- You remind me of Corey Feldman for some reason.


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