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Dream #2398479434345534972385245-B

July 29, 2012

I’m sitting in someone’s flat in New York, watching a film. I hear a double bass playing jazz above the sound coming from the TV. I attempt to crack a joke about said jazz music and some red-headed woman on the other side of the room finishes the punchline.

Suddenly, the roof is torn off the building, the woman and I are transported into the clouds by some unknown god we’ve angered. The god places us in a room with a giant whale (kinda like one in Pinocchio) as a guard. We attempt to escape, the whale frowns. Intimidated by the whale, we pretend to go to sleep.

The whale lies down on it’s side (don’t ask) and goes to sleep. With the back of the beast facing us, we spring up, cut a rectangle in the floor with out bare hands and fall through the sky, safely landing back on the sofas in the flat we started out in.

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