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Other bits of Kraftwerk…

January 1, 2012

This was some of the original footage (if you’ve seen the other Bit of Kraftwerk video you’ll know I thought I’d lost it all). I have no idea where the footage with the sequencing is, but this was buried on the external hard drive under easy to remember file names like PICT0684, so it might still exist. If not, I can always record some new sequencing stuff (just not at this time in the morning).

The Yamaha DX11 is what i’m using for most of it, with a bit of the Casio LK series thingy at the end.

Also featured in the vid: My Stylophone which is now broken. the metal trace under the first D fell off, so if any of you know how to sort them (it might be as simple as soldering a little bit of wire over where the metal broke off, I don’t know) give me a shout.

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