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December 27, 2011

Trying started out as the opening theme for a movie called Inhuman. Every time I got better gear i’d try to record it again (I can even play it on guitar), it’s never felt complete.

I’ve been recording music since late 2003 & sometimes one version isn’t enough. Even for covers, I have like 8 different recordings of each of them on the external hard drive. It’s not like i’m a perfectionist (as anyone who listens to my stuff will clearly know), but I think my ideas need to be revisited in one way or another.

I uploaded the 2006 version of Blue Monday a while ago & I’m sure some of you were like “what the fuck was he thinking when he recorded this?”, so i’ve uploaded all 3 versions of Trying to try & show my thought process.

TRYING 2005: The Electro Groove

This would’ve been the version you heard if Inhuman ever got released. I recorded it live on a non-midi yamaha keyboard.

Uninteresting fact: A typo from 2006 led this to be titled “The Electro Grove”, kinda like Bohemian Grove, but full of New Wave musicians.

TRYING 2007: The Sad Version

I bought a Casio keyboard that had all the GM sounds (and keys that light up!) at the start of 2007, so I tried to re-tool it into a more orchestral type thing.

TRYING 2011: The Final Version

I actually know what i’m doing now in terms of production, so this is the latest & best sounding version of the song (but it lacks the cheesy goodness of “the electro groove”).

As per usual, you can click the little arrow on the soundcloud player if you want to download any of them

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  1. Bucky permalink
    December 27, 2011 10:53 PM

    All of them are decent, but I must admit that I prefer the version au fromage.

  2. December 28, 2011 2:49 AM

    I like the final version, especially when it gets going, can definitely see its film score roots, what happened to the Inhuman movie?? Intriguing to hear the tracks development.

    • martyrshow permalink*
      December 28, 2011 3:22 AM

      The producer didn’t know what a producer’s role was in the making of a film (he does now, I assume. I’ve not really spoken to him for a while). He also wanted to film bits himself, add parts to the script that had no real relevance to the movie & to record some of it on DV, which I had no way of editing at that time.

      Forced american accents. Not one of my best ideas, but then look at everyone on youtube saying “Learn to speak English”…

      We were all about 17 at the time.

      The fact that Beverly Hills 90210 & Slasher movies don’t mix together too well might also have been a problem, had we actually made it.

      Grant’s hilarious fumbling of lines (which we ended up making a little “behind the scenes” type doc about. I intend on uploading that as soon as I find the dvd it was burned to).

      One day I’ll get round to writing a massive blog post outlining the Inhuman trilogy.
      Yeah, trilogy.

      Not all of them were Slasher movies, Inhuman it’s self wasn’t even a Slasher, more of a “what do the characters who don’t get killed do when a killer is on the loose?” movie.

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