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A bit of Monotribe….

August 20, 2011

It finally got delivered today & i couldn’t resist uploading something.

I ran it through an amp with reverb, delay & eventually some distortion. It sounds a lot better through an amp than the built in speaker, partly because the speaker is on the bottom of the monotribe, but if it were in a better position you’d still lose some of the low end.

The analogue drums sound quite good too, but I could’ve done with maybe some toms or a cowbell (cue “more cowbell” etc).

You get a nice range of sounds from it, sometimes verging on acid type squelching bass sounds, sometimes it leans towards more dubstep (shudder) tones, you can adjust the LFO to double/triple the speed of the sequencer to get a kind of basic arpeggiator sound… It’s what you’d expect from a single osc synth, just don’t expect to get anything close to a string sound without modding it to take MIDI IN data.

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