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Once More Unto The Reach, Dear Friends

May 26, 2011

As an Xbox Live subscriber, I get sent emails about all the promotions, updates, quizzes and other boring shit that every other Xbox user gets. This one takes the biscuit though:

I held out on the reviews & suggestion (note the singular) from a friend because i’d played Halo 3 a few times & it just wasn’t my type of FPS.

I guess it’s nice of Microsoft to check the list of games i own & suggest stuff for me to play, even if the only suggestions are from franchises they own. “Try the demo & if you like it, get a discount” is a good deal & i was about to download the demo before I scrolled to the bottom of the email.

JUST £39.99

Just £39.99? the game has been out for over eight months now & downloading reduces manufacturing costs (as well as your carbon footprint), so where’s my kickback?

“£39.99 is £10 lower than what it sells for on the games on demand service” you may say &  you’d be right. Why does it sell for £49.99 then?

They don’t have to make a case, print covers or burn and label any discs. They aren’t throwing in any DLC…

Donkey Kong Country cost over £50 back in the day because they had to shove more microchips into the cart in order to have the GFX look like they did & it was still seen as an outrage back then. I seem to remember Nintendo being in court over price fixing back in the day as well, so how can Microsoft charge £49.99 for a game that isn’t in demand any-more (all the hardcore HALO fans bought it during the week it was released, they made $200 million in first-day sales alone), doesn’t include any dlc, doesn’t come with a case or instruction manual (well, you can download PDF manuals from the xbox site) & doesn’t allow me to trade it in down the road?

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