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Failure #1380593: DH:TAV

May 5, 2011

A few years ago i had the terrible idea of doing animations in windows movie maker. I used it to animate something in the background of the anti-socialite video album back in 06 & it worked well then, so off i went to find pics of the Titanic.
Just making the one frame with the ship took forever (mainly because of the number of windows the fucker had) & i had no idea how to split a ship in two & have it come up in the air before sinking, so that was when the Monty Python idea came in.
Gilliam was working with old photos, newspapers, etc. & had to get creative with the way things went, so it made a lot of sense for me to make the ending as ridiculous as it was.

After that came Batman & i had a clear idea of what i wanted to do. I also had about half of the visuals made from back when “stick figures: guess the film” was big, so it only took a week to get the music & everything else done.

Then i thought “DIE HARD!”
Batman: TAV covered multiple movies & had used some frames i already had, so it felt like a logical progression at the time. Drawing the Nakatomi Plaza took forever & i only needed it for maybe 3 frames. The mock up is what you see at the top of this post & the end result looked like this: 
I gave up just after finishing it. I had all the music done though, so here’s something from the DHWAV part:

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