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I’m Shite / Doctor Who remix

May 4, 2011

Rather than calling this a blog, it’d be better to say “list of broken promises, personal failures & outright cuntishness”.

Doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue though.

Anyway, I’ve been busy playing portal 2 & trying to learn the ins & outs of Hammer. I’m not going to lie & say the Pacino doc is coming on well, or that season 3 of the podcast is almost here.

Truth is, the Pacino thing is a slow burner & while i do get bits done now & then, it’s not my main focus. Same with the podcast. While structuring it like a radio show will offer a more professional format, it’s not half as fun as taking about the first thing that pops into your head for half an hour. Craig & I take a good 25 mins to get past “hello” on regular recordings (those 25 mins would make quite a funny show), so aiming for 7min long segments is kind of anti-us.

I have got a lot of the background music for the Pacino doc done & i’m sure i’ll upload some of it, it’s mostly like old rap beats & loops that’ll run during the talking heads parts.

I’ve listened to a lot of my old music recently & i’ve been thinking about uploading some of that as well. The intros to the podcast are all 30-60 second long proofs of concept, so i don’t know about those, but i’ve got plenty of older stuff on the hard drive that nobody has heard yet. I also have the classics (like B***h, Liar, C**t & Thief) that could do with some remixing, so i’ll see what happens with those.

I wrote a piece of music called “Trying” back in 04 for a movie called Inhuman that didn’t get made for a bunch of reasons i won’t bother going into. I’ve been remaking it with different instrumentation & whatnot ever since, so it might be time to call it a day & get it online. It’s not like Inhuman will happen now.

In other news, Craig is thinking about returning to writing his book. He’s been working on it on & off for about as long as i have “Trying”. With the student loans he’s about to be running up, he needs to get that shit sold to Warner Bros. & turned into movies, games, tea-cosies & all that other good shit that’ll give him te option to buy a mansion with a janitor’s quarters at the bottom of the garden that i can live in.

and another thing:

Here’s the Doctor Who theme remix i made a while ago yet failed to embed here for some strange reason

I’d say McCoy era theme meets Orbital’s Doctor?, but the Mat Smith version uses a cheap drum loop as well, so i’ll let you be the judge.

P.S. You’d think that with Osama getting shot the other day, a website called martyrshow would get a lot of hits…

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