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It’s been a while…

May 30, 2010

All podcasts are now hosted on blip, you can click the link under my annoying face & stream them until your brain shuts down through over-stimulation. The podcast page has been updated to reflect this & all the old posts have been updated as well.
No more broken links, yay!

Craig & I will be recording the podcast today, so season 2 could end up starting earlier than expected. Look forward to more themed episodes, less pointless swearing & better audio quality.

I’m also on formspring now, so you can ask me anything you like.

I talked about a few things i had in the works last time so i’ll just give an update on those:
I’ve got a video of the DX11 ready to edit, so i’ll be throwing it up on youtube during the week.
I finished my Britney Spears remix, so i’ll be uploading it to soundcloud during the week as well.
I’ve planned & scripted my first (if you don’t count TAV’s) video review. I’m starting a new job tomorrow, so i have no idea when i’ll be able to film, edit & score it.

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