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April 27, 2010

I realize i’ve not properly updated the site since the 4th, so i’ll just cram everything into one post…


Season 2 is being recorded right now, We’ve got possibly 2 episodes in the bag & are still waiting on submissions for another episode. We have 3 more planned out, which will bring us to 6 out of 8.


I’m in the middle of a few things. The theme tune for season 2 of the podcast is done & i’m working on finishing two original tracks as well as a cover.


The camera i’ve been using recently isn’t that great, so i’ve been looking getting a new one. I tried this last year and ended up with a MiniDV with faulty DVout, so i’ll probably shop around a bit.
I really want to get a vid up with the DX11, showing what it can do, etc. The DX11 has been tagged in maybe 10 youtube videos out of, well, billions or some shit, so i’d like to change that. I’ll probably do another “A Bit Of…” video first.


For some reason, words that end in g require double spacing after them, or they run together. I dunno if it’s a theme issue, or what, but i’ll try & sort that out as well.

Super Street Fighter IV is out in two days, so don’t expect me to post much in the way of updates. I try not to use this site as a personal blog anyway…

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