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Return of the podcast?

April 1, 2010

Episodes 1-8 haven’t made their way over to podomatic just yet, but they will before the end of the week/month/year…

We were going to record what should be episode 9 tonight, but things are happening that prevent us from doing so. Craig will be busy next week, so it’ll be 12th before we have time to record. When we do, it’ll be a themed episode, like episodes 3 & 6, but without any disturbing personal information (although with Stuart joining us again, you never know). We will have one topic & discuss it for the duration of the show (28mins, hopefully) and then I’ll upload as soon as i make an intro/outro.

The episode planned after that will also feature guests(?) & will be based on one thing, but not a question or an issue, just a subject that we’ll cover.

Rather than call these Episode 9 & Episode 10, I’m thinking of making them Season 2, Episode 1 & Season 2, episode 2. It would reflect the change of style & hosting, as well as get us in the right frame of mind to do six more episodes after that & make each season eight episodes, or roughly four hours long.

The change of style isn’t a massive departure, but I feel like we’ve been using news stories as filler lately & we’d like to get away from that. Mentioning current events dates the podcast as well. Back when we’d record during the week & upload four or five days later, the show would already be out of date & that resulted in at least one episode not going online at all, everything we discussed was old news & people wouldn’t remember the issues we were referring to. Episode 8 suffers slightly because we talk about a town that the majority of you will not have heard of. I left it in because most small towns have something like that, so even if you don’t know specifically what we’re referring to, you could at least relate…

I also want to promote the show more. If you’re thinking “Fuck sake, you already spam it like a bastard on aicn, twitter & bebo” then you’re in for a treat. I’m gonna try to get the show on other sites & see what happens. Soundcloud offered 100 downloads & unlimited streaming. We never came close to 100 downloads, so it worked out for us. Podomatic has bandwidth limits though, so it’ll be a battle trying to get the audience to grow while we stay beneath our limit. I’m thinking about for streaming & podomatic for mp3 downloads & rss/iTunes functionality.

If anyone has any other hosting ideas (or wants to host it, free of charge) feel free to leave a comment or contact me using the info on the About/Contact page.

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