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Podcast news & the return of episode 4

March 25, 2010

Craig & I are currently looking for a new host & trying to get all the previous episodes online. Soundcloud only gives you 2 hours of space & that ended up allowing us to have 3 episodes online at any given time, which is why episode 4 was only 6 mins long.

I think we’re going with podomatic, but Craig thinks we’ll only have space for 15 episodes. They also have a monthly bandwidth cap.

I have thought about paying for the media upgrade on wordpress, but that would create an rss problem that i can’t seem to find a solution for. We should be back on track in under a fortnight, regardless.

Also, Episode 4 made it’s way on to youtube. We originally talked about just putting it on there instead of having it as a real episode, so i guess it worked out that way in the end.

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