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Some Music Stuffs…

July 29, 2014

I guess i’ll start with the newest first…


Running The World was originally released by Jarvis Cocker. You might remember it from the end of Children of Men and whatnot.

I’m really not sure why I went with a John Lennon sort of thing on this. I was trying to record Working Class Hero at one point and I guess the settings sounded fine after being up for like 30 hours.


One of the first ever videos I put on youtube was a cover of To All of You by CKY, and I’ve been slowly getting better at playing it since then. This was recorded a little while ago, we don’t have the sofa anymore.



I did a parody of Redemption Song by Bob Marley that focused on Ubisoft and their treatment of PC gamers. It was fun, but it didn’t do the original song justice. This version’s just a regular cover.



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