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Loot Drop Pre-E3 Stream Extravaganza (James Bloody Pond)

June 9, 2014

Muggins here forgot to record Boogerman: A Pick And Flick Adventure, then ffsplit started disagreeing with Dale, so here are all the James Pond console games…


NOTE: I didn’t play them in chronological order (being 1, 2, Aquatic Games, 3), so I haven’t listed them that way.




Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker (W/Dale)

June 8, 2014


Jack’s favourite game…

The Loot Drop Plays… Terraria

June 7, 2014

Where were you when Jack, Stu and Dale fell to their death 200 times?
I was at home eat delicious tears when Sam call.
“Loot Drop is Kill”
And you?

Loot Drop 16 – Scrooge McDuke (and Stu’s Robot Wars Stream)

June 7, 2014


In which Sam kicks things up a Notch. The Looters return to deliver their verdict on SpeedRunners, reminisce about Robot Wars and dish out the latest news in gaming. Also featuring a “mystery” guest!

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Loot Drop 15: King of Bread (W/Bonus Show Notes)

May 21, 2014


The Loot Drop goes off the rails this week more times than a character from Thomas the Tank Engine. In another special episode, the Looters reveal their favourite heroes and villains in gaming. Some choices may surprise you…

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Bonus Show Notes

Disclaimer: I’m not sure what the others wrote to prepare, but I just built the framework for some jokes. You will/have heard some of this in the show already…

Good guys

Bowser: because he puts up with dudes killing his sons and fucking his castles (mention cake and people stealing his princess)
Giovani: trying to save the world and gets ruined by red/blue (scope, masterball and whatnot)
The cloud from Mario Kart: saves everyone’s lives, never passes judgement, so fluffy, always smiling…
Sephiroth: trying to make the world a better, cleaner place (cool hair, humans are assholes, reminds me of someone…).

Hons: Wario (warioland was more fun than marioland), Point & click dudes, English Longbowmen from AoE2, all the guys trying to stop hulk from wrecking shit in that mastersystem game, Dan Hibiki for Sam reaction

Bad Guys

Max payne: eveyone who has ever came into contact with him has gotten killed or fucked up (the lou reed of protagonists).
Ash/Red/Blue: covered in Giovani (mention dog fighting, killing one of Gary’s pokemon).
Cloud: drowner of womens, moaning asshole, least sympathetic character (Who needs a sword that size? Memmory like a sift, something about “i bet he would’ve sounded worse than Titus if they could’ve fitted voiceovers on the disks”)

Hons: Your dad in the Katamari games, Dracula (SotN bit if no groans and sam remembers lines), developers of Bomberman Act Zero, John Romero



Loot Drop 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14

May 18, 2014

I really need to set up something that auto-posts these…




EPISODE 10: Dong of War

Jack, Dale, Stu, Martin and a very quiet – and ill – Sam convene to discuss the latest happenings in gaming (such as Super Smash Bros), wrestling (such as the death of The Ultimate Warrior), and film (such as Divergent).

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EPISODE 11:  Hindi Gaming

Jack, Dale and Stu are running the show this week and are trying their damnedest not to be blasphemous. They fail. Several times. They also talk about Dragon Age, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and Martin O’Donnell at some point.

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EPISODE 12: Tcheuctervania

The Looters talk about things. Jack promised to come back and fill this in when he’s wasn’t in a hurry, but it looks like he forgot.

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EPISODE 13: Kevin Spacey’s Pro Skater

In this week’s coke-fuelled episode, Jack, Dale, Martin, Stu and (happy birthday to) Sam discuss questionable comic book characters, suicidal orcs and the games they’ve been most disappointed by.

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EPISODE 14: For More Oil

Dale, Martin, Sam and Stu are crazy about Japanese culture this week. And with no Jack to keep the peace, the floor is theirs to discuss Pokémon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire, Kingdom Hearts and…fanservice? Really, guys?

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