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Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker (W/Dale)

June 8, 2014


Jack’s favourite game…

The Loot Drop Plays… Terraria

June 7, 2014

Where were you when Jack, Stu and Dale fell to their death 200 times?
I was at home eat delicious tears when Sam call.
“Loot Drop is Kill”
And you?

Loot Drop 16 – Scrooge McDuke (and Stu’s Robot Wars Stream)

June 7, 2014


In which Sam kicks things up a Notch. The Looters return to deliver their verdict on SpeedRunners, reminisce about Robot Wars and dish out the latest news in gaming. Also featuring a “mystery” guest!

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Loot Drop 15: King of Bread (W/Bonus Show Notes)

May 21, 2014


The Loot Drop goes off the rails this week more times than a character from Thomas the Tank Engine. In another special episode, the Looters reveal their favourite heroes and villains in gaming. Some choices may surprise you…

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Bonus Show Notes

Disclaimer: I’m not sure what the others wrote to prepare, but I just built the framework for some jokes. You will/have heard some of this in the show already…

Good guys

Bowser: because he puts up with dudes killing his sons and fucking his castles (mention cake and people stealing his princess)
Giovani: trying to save the world and gets ruined by red/blue (scope, masterball and whatnot)
The cloud from Mario Kart: saves everyone’s lives, never passes judgement, so fluffy, always smiling…
Sephiroth: trying to make the world a better, cleaner place (cool hair, humans are assholes, reminds me of someone…).

Hons: Wario (warioland was more fun than marioland), Point & click dudes, English Longbowmen from AoE2, all the guys trying to stop hulk from wrecking shit in that mastersystem game, Dan Hibiki for Sam reaction

Bad Guys

Max payne: eveyone who has ever came into contact with him has gotten killed or fucked up (the lou reed of protagonists).
Ash/Red/Blue: covered in Giovani (mention dog fighting, killing one of Gary’s pokemon).
Cloud: drowner of womens, moaning asshole, least sympathetic character (Who needs a sword that size? Memmory like a sift, something about “i bet he would’ve sounded worse than Titus if they could’ve fitted voiceovers on the disks”)

Hons: Your dad in the Katamari games, Dracula (SotN bit if no groans and sam remembers lines), developers of Bomberman Act Zero, John Romero



Loot Drop 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14

May 18, 2014

I really need to set up something that auto-posts these…




EPISODE 10: Dong of War

Jack, Dale, Stu, Martin and a very quiet – and ill – Sam convene to discuss the latest happenings in gaming (such as Super Smash Bros), wrestling (such as the death of The Ultimate Warrior), and film (such as Divergent).

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EPISODE 11:  Hindi Gaming

Jack, Dale and Stu are running the show this week and are trying their damnedest not to be blasphemous. They fail. Several times. They also talk about Dragon Age, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and Martin O’Donnell at some point.

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EPISODE 12: Tcheuctervania

The Looters talk about things. Jack promised to come back and fill this in when he’s wasn’t in a hurry, but it looks like he forgot.

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EPISODE 13: Kevin Spacey’s Pro Skater

In this week’s coke-fuelled episode, Jack, Dale, Martin, Stu and (happy birthday to) Sam discuss questionable comic book characters, suicidal orcs and the games they’ve been most disappointed by.

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EPISODE 14: For More Oil

Dale, Martin, Sam and Stu are crazy about Japanese culture this week. And with no Jack to keep the peace, the floor is theirs to discuss Pokémon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire, Kingdom Hearts and…fanservice? Really, guys?

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Destrucity II – With CB and KON

April 12, 2014

I stopped chatting with Swayze, checked tweetdeck and read HHH’s tweet. A lot of us thought Hunter’s twitter had been hacked, but then Steph retweeted him and ran an article confirming that Warrior had indeed died. Then Meltzer was phoning people trying to get confirmation… TMZ posted, but took forever to mention what actually happened… I couldn’t tweet, nor update facebook with the usual “RIP” stuff, I had no fucking words.

I headed over to /wooo/ and everyone seemed to be in the same boat. Someone put up a youtube playlist of old Warrior matches and promos – Warrior v Savage was first one on, and maybe the best match the guy ever had. This was somewhere between 5 and 6am GMT, I guess, and I’ve had texts and facebook messages throughout the day, so it’s only right that we follow up on 2012’s DESTRUCITY: With CB and KON

ms_ interview1 


CB: Hey KON. I can’t believe we have to do this on such a sad note.


KON: Where were you when the news broke?


CB: I actually was asleep when the news first broke of The Ultimate Warrior’s death, and when I did wake up I had about ten different text messages from friends that were saying “RIP Warrior” or “Hey CB, I heard Warrior died, he was my favourite as a kid” or “I can’t believe Warrior died, I was dressed as him for Halloween once”As you can tell, these weren’t just today’s wrestling fans that were texting me, but also old school casual fans who haven’t watched in years, men and women in their 30s who were recalling Warrior moments with me just in those texts.

I then checked Inside Pulse right away and saw Rhett’s post, then went over to Google News to see some of the coverage.

After the shock wore off, I went over to YouTube to view his segment from Raw, wrote my CB’s World column to pay my respects, and here we are, just a few hours later.

It’s still all very surreal to me, KON, I can’t believe it.

KON: The past few days have been really weird. Headlining the Hall of Fame, having the special intro during Mania and then that promo on RAW… We were given more Warrior than we’ve seen for, well, forever.

CB: Yeah, and now I feel guilty for hoping he’d run down to the ring like he used to, figuring it would be no big deal to do it one last time. I am glad he shook the ropes a little bit towards the end of his segment, at least.

Have you re-watched his comments from Raw yet, KON? It’s like The Ultimate Warrior was eulogizing himself, which is crazy to think about.


KON: I re-watched it after the Savage match. Lots of people were copying/pasting the speech over on /wooo/, and, because it took forever for the news about him collapsing in the hotel car park to come out, some people started talking about the possibility that Warrior had killed himself. Regardless of your/my stance on suicide, I’m pretty sure it’s something Warrior was against. When things like this come out of nowhere, everyone tries to find their own way of explaining and understanding the situation.That speech on RAW was not only strange because of what he said, but because none of the other Hall of Fame members get the opportunity to cut a promo on TV two days after they’ve been inducted.

CB: That’s an excellent point. I bet Warrior’s appearance on Raw after being inducted had to do with the fact that Raw was in the same city (New Orleans) as both his induction ceremony and WrestleMania and that was the best way for him to fit it into his schedule.

It’s still absolutely freakish timing and crazy how things worked out. It’s like he finally completed the reparations of his relationship with both WWE and pro wrestling, and then this happens. As I said in my column, I hope WWE honors his multi-year agreement that Warrior signed and his family gets some of the revenues for Ultimate Warrior-based merchandise and DVD sales, etc.


KON: Jake, Nash, Hogan and so many others appear to have made peace with the him during Wrestlemania weekend (and we can assume Vince, HHH and family made up with Warrior several months ago, when they brought him in to promote WWE 2K14). It’s interesting to see reactions from people who previously didn’t give a shit about Warrior (*cough* Kue), like Iron Sheik admitting that his hatred was a work.


CB: Yeah, I wonder if he had any private conversations with Sting lately, as well. Has anyone heard from him on the subject?


KON: He made a throwaway comment about Steve during his hall of fame speech, implying they were not on the friendliest of terms. However, Sting was singing Warrior’s praises during an interview last month.


CB: It would have been interesting to see Sting in the crowd for Warrior’s Hall of Fame induction speech if he’d actually signed with WWE by now.So here we are, talking about another dead wrestler around the age of 50-60 years old.


KON: Yeah. The reason we stopped doing these columns was that all the subjects were dead. I’m glad we covered Warrior while he was still alive, though.


CB: Has the cause of death been reported yet? Seemed like heart failure was the likely case this morning.


KON: All signs point to a heart attack, but we won’t know for a while. I think the autopsy is scheduled for this Thursday.


CB: Also, I wonder if they do an Ultimate Warrior Memorial Battle Royal at WrestleMania next year.

There goes the next season of Legends House with Warrior and Hogan rooming together too!


KON: Next year will be the Andre the Giant Memorial Trophy Memorial Battle Royal for the Andre the Giant Memorial Trophy Memorial Trophy…


CB: You’re probably right.

So, KON, I remember when you used to break into WARRIOR-speak in the comments section for several posts on Pulse. Is there anything you would like to say in WARRIOR-speak about The Ultimate Warrior and what he and DESTRUCITY will always mean to you?


KON: Truth be told, I don’t think I’ll ever drop Warrior promos in the comments section again. It was fun, it got a pop and it might even have convinced some people to check out the comic books he put out, but his speech on RAW seemed like a fitting end to the gimmick.

I’d like to say one last thing on The Ultimate Warrior as a wrestler, though, and it’s kinda what I was trying to explain on Trashy Ring Attire a few months ago…

He was booked well and he didn’t have to do a lot in the ring, but the things he did were done like no other. The promos, shaking the ropes, all those lariats, the Gorilla Press… everything was intense, everything was a notch above what the other guys on the roster were doing. Today, we have The Rybacks, Fellas, Rusevs and Mark Henrys… and you’re all free to like them and enjoy what they do, but they do it without the intensity or passion of someone like Warrior.

CB: Well, said, KON.

And Rest In Peace, Ultimate Warrior.



The Loot Drop episodes 6, 7, 8 and 9

April 12, 2014

I really thought I posted these already, and you should probably have subscribed in iTunes by now, but better late than never…




TLD 006: League of Tcheucters

This week’s Loot Drop roster is bursting at the seams with Jack, Dale, Martin, Stuart, Sam and special guest Nic all getting in on the action. Topics include Martin and Dale’s epic Hearthstone duel, the Looters’ experience with Smite and Martin’s inspired idea for a MOBA game.

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TLD 007: *crunch*

There’s a distinct lack of orange tint on this week’s Loot Drop. Jack, Martin, Sam and Stuart are all talk about games this week, with the likes of The Last of Us, Street Fighter and Sony’s Project Morpheus on the discussion list. Also, Martin happens upon another genius idea for a game.

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TLD 008: Monotone Hype (Part I)

The Sass Man threatens to consume the Looters once again in the first half of a two-part special. Jack, Dale, Martin, Sam and Stu discuss some of their favourite franchises in gaming, including Final Fantasy, The Walking Dead and – of course – Pokémon.

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TLD 009: Monotone Hype (Part II)

In the second half of our podcast special, the Looters reminisce on more of their favourite franchises in gaming, such as Metal Gear Solid, TimeSplitters, Street Fighter and…Zone of the Enders?

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