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Season Three

301: Friends, Zoners, “Cuntrymen”, Lend Me Your Connery Impersonations

Date of release: 18th of May, 2011

As Craig and Martin reach the realization that our idols will die one day, we contemplate life, message boards, the reasoning behind a fourth Pirates of the Caribbean movie and, above all else, doing time nice.

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302: Tech Talk Time

Date of release: 19th of May, 2011

Craig and Martin compare memory stick sizes while wondering why a 486 could surf the internet faster than the android phones of today.

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303: The Shtruggle With Schucshess

Date of release: 20th of May, 2011

Craig and I struggle to cope with the ridiculous amounts of internet fame that has been thrust upon us while we discuss Kevin Smith’s Smodcast network & radio station, more quotes attributed to Sean Connery, videogames like Call Of Duty and the crossover between games and movies.

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 Do Your Time Nice, Don’t Rat Anybody Out, Never Take It In The Arse

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