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To save you from hunting around threads for the info…

Alright, the plan is do do a podcast on “the state of AICN” as i see it, with multiple guests who all have a strong history with (& different opinions on) the site.

Originally, i was gonna record a skype conversation with about 5 of us, but, as Sepp suggested, it’d be difficult to find a time that’s alright for European, British & American guests.

New plan: anyone who wants to be on it should record themselves & send it to me (Sepp’s idea, yay!).
An mp3 with a bitrate of 128 is preferable, but i can work with video or whatever as well (if all you have is a webcam or whatever).

The recording should be roughly 6 mins long & include:
1) Why you came to aicn in the first place.
2) Your history with the site.
3) Your opinion on the main site as of this very moment.

I place no other restrictions on content & none at all on how you choose to express your opinion, say exactly what you feel on the matter.

If you need something to record audio with, try Audacity and pick up the LAME library as well (it lets you export the audio as an mp3).

When you’ve exported the file you can email it to me, here, or upload it to the host of your choice & send me a link.

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