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The Loot Drop episodes 6, 7, 8 and 9

April 12, 2014

I really thought I posted these already, and you should probably have subscribed in iTunes by now, but better late than never…




TLD 006: League of Tcheucters

This week’s Loot Drop roster is bursting at the seams with Jack, Dale, Martin, Stuart, Sam and special guest Nic all getting in on the action. Topics include Martin and Dale’s epic Hearthstone duel, the Looters’ experience with Smite and Martin’s inspired idea for a MOBA game.

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TLD 007: *crunch*

There’s a distinct lack of orange tint on this week’s Loot Drop. Jack, Martin, Sam and Stuart are all talk about games this week, with the likes of The Last of Us, Street Fighter and Sony’s Project Morpheus on the discussion list. Also, Martin happens upon another genius idea for a game.

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TLD 008: Monotone Hype (Part I)

The Sass Man threatens to consume the Looters once again in the first half of a two-part special. Jack, Dale, Martin, Sam and Stu discuss some of their favourite franchises in gaming, including Final Fantasy, The Walking Dead and – of course – Pokémon.

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TLD 009: Monotone Hype (Part II)

In the second half of our podcast special, the Looters reminisce on more of their favourite franchises in gaming, such as Metal Gear Solid, TimeSplitters, Street Fighter and…Zone of the Enders?

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