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RE: Potential

January 22, 2012

Craig recently started bogging again (which you can read by clicking this link) & one of his first posts of 2012 was supposedly about potential, but was actually just him telling me to get off my arse & do something. I thought about writing a sarcastic retort, filled with hidden meaning & witty remarks, but i won’t do it, I’m better than him…


So a forum called theDDT launched back in December & if you’ve found my site, you may as will visit it as well.

I’ve been thinking of ways to try & make it a fun place to be a part of & try & get the word out. One of them kinda ties in to Craig’s idea about me doing a wrestling-based show on youtube, where I talk about various shit things that are happening & how to stop them from being shit (just like every other wrestling fan on the internet) via the medium of moving pictures. TheDDT would get a plug at the start/end of each video (assuming James finds the videos worthy of association).

The problem with that is the same one i have whenever i’m asked “why don’t you write for insidepulse”. Assuming they’d have me on to begin with, i’d run out of things to say after about 3 weeks.

The majority of televised pro-wrestling is uninteresting. Smackdown , Raw & Impact are all hard to watch live (not just because they start at two in the fucking morning). Skipping 50% of the shows via the fast forward button makes everything better, but it means you lose a lot of the context & end up relying on video packages before PPV matches that make everything look fantastic. It took me 6 hours to write a recap of a 3 hour long episode of WCW Nitro &, even though the episode was good, I felt tired & unwell afterwards. Recapping Chyna’s Youshoot had the same affect on me, but that was a sacrifice I was willing to make. If I’ve prevented one person from wasting their time watching that, it has already served it’s purpose.

I might end up doing these wrestling video things & try to tone back the accent in order for Americans to understand it.

I might end up asking the guys at Pulse to put some of my stuff up again.

I might get round to making Down Here (the Pacino documentary) in a way that won’t get me humped with DMCA notices.

I might get round to recording a proper Season 3/4 of the podcast in a Radio 4 type style.

I might upload some more music.


Not good enough?

Do I need to make promises?

Here are some things i’m certain of:

I will try as hard as I can to make theDDT a success, so you should really join & help me with that.

I will encourage Craig to keep updating his blog, which you should also check out.

I will encourage Craig to finish the book he’s been writing off & on for the last 10 or so years.

I will keep the podcast going.

I will always make music in one way or another.

Finally, I promise to never write another post like this.

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  1. cjpaterson permalink
    January 23, 2012 9:31 AM

    I still stand by my statement that the post wasn’t aimed at you and your arse. I had been reading a Dragon’s Den book and thinking about stuff in general before that phone conversation with you so the post about potential would’ve probably happened had we discussed your future or not. I’m glad you sort of took a point from it though. Even if you say you might not follow through on it, it’s progress and if it’s any consolation, I think you’d be great at what we discussed.

    As far as updating my blog goes, I think I’ll keep at it; I made myself post a boring, pointless post last night just to keep the momentum going because I know if I stop once this early into it, I’ll just not bother again.

    I’m not sure how the “book thing”, as I like to refer to it these days, will go but I’ll make an effort to get everything together and finish the last few chapters. There are actually quite a few people at me about the “book thing” so I’ll have to do it at some point, it’s just a matter of being able to find the quiet time and space I need to get everything together and get back into the mindset. The last time I wrote any of it was what, three years ago? I did manage to roll out like 11 chapters in a month or two though and edit a couple of earlier ones so I can get through it quickly when I’m in the zone.

    Anyway, I’ll help you with whatever you decide mate, even if it is just the podcast you decide to keep going with.

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