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TNA: No Surrender 2011 thoughts.

September 12, 2011

I fell asleep about half an hour before the show started, but I put it on this morning & thought i should say a few things…

The show opens cold.

No crowd noise, no speech, nothing.

A microphone cuts in & someone asks for 1 minute of silence (because TNA thought it’d be a good idea to do a show on the 11th of September).

This is where TNA’s weird booking comes into play.

Any other promotion would (and some do) keep the heels away from the faces during the silence. We’re supposed to believe that the people hate each other (even though Angle is now siding with the guy who fucks his ex-wife & Anderson attempts consecutive turns on every iMPACT), then you’d be like “oh shit, Bully Ray might attack one of the guys from Beer Money during the silence” or something. But they have all the heels & faces together & Rosita from Mexican America (the stable that hates America & drops the Mexican flag at every opportunity) is crying her heart out. Terrible from a booking standpoint, but it was quite moving.


Kid Kash v Jesse Sorensen

Sorensen wins via pin-fall & becomes the #1 contender for the X-division title

Anyone know why they’re pushing this guy?

Anyone like him?

Much has been said about WWF/E being the company that builds guys & TNA being the company that decreases the value of established stars, yet when they try to push “homegrown” guys like Gunner, Crimson & this Sorensen guy they get nothing but hate. Sorensen’s gimmick is shit & I’m not sure why anyone should care about him, but i think from TNA’s side it’s like “he got a victory over Kid Kash, a veteran of the business!”

Hogan & Angle are backstage cutting a confusing promo.

Bully Ray v James Storm in a “Storm must win via submission” match

Bully Ray wins via DQ

Storm spat beer in the face of the ref & then made Bully Ray tap. This is the first of possibly a lot of “Dusty finishes” tonight.

Normally I’d be all “DQ on a fucking PPV?”, but TNA PPVs are just advertisements for the house shows. Impact took place in actual arenas during the past 2 weeks, yet this PPV is being held in the iMPACT ZONE, a place where free entry is mandatory. You wouldn’t care about your PPVs either if they regularly topped out at 8,000 buys & you made $0 at the gate .

Winter w/Angelina Love v Mickie James for the Knockouts belt

Winter wins via green red mist, again.

Gunner says he wants the title, nobody cares.

Devon & The Pope v Mexican America for the Tag titles

Mexican America win via Pinfall.

One of the girls grams Pope while he’s trying for a suplex, the other grabs Devon & keeps him away from breaking up a pin. Not quite a Dusty, but it makes for the third “dirty” finish of the night.

Ken Anderson talks backstage about not liking everyone.

Samoa Joe v Matt Morgan

Matt Morgan wins via pinfall.

Beer Money talk about the Glory Series for a while.

Gunner v Bobby Roode

Roode wins via submission.

Bishoff runs out & says Bobby Roode v Bully Ray will happen tonight, because it’s not like they have 50 other guys backstage gasping for airtime.

Austin Aries cuts a promo, this generally means a good match is about to happen…

Austin Aries v Brian Kendrick for the X-division title

You know those annoying chants you hear on impact? The “Austin Aries, Brian Kendrick…”  chant is going strong & it sounds like the same people chanting for both. WWE gets a lot of stick for not having anything to distinguish heels from faces, but here it’s the reverse; Aries is clearly the Heel & the chants are as loud as those for Kendrick. Is it bad booking? TNA are known for doing the opposite from what the fans want to see…

Whatever it is, this “Austin Aries, Brian Kendrick…” chant is the loudest the fans have been all night.

Austin Aries wins via pinfall.

Bully Ray talks about wanting an opportunity, even though he’s won more belts than I have fingers & toes.

Bully Ray v Bobby Roode

Bobby Roode wins the match, and his main event slot at Bound for Glory, via pinfall.

Rosita is talking backstage about losing her father when she was 10, during the Twin Towers collapse. Again, it’s a booking catastrophe, but it’s the best part of this PPV. Maybe she’ll get a face turn after this?

Angle v Sting v Ken Anderson for the TNA title

Wait, we’re not getting Flair v Sting?

Why the fuck am i watching then?

Angle wins via pinfall after Hogan sprays some shit in Sting’s eyes.

Who wants to see Roode v Angle?

Hogan v Sting (again)?

Winter v Mickie (again)?

Bound For Glory should be tedious.

One thing I find weird about TNA ppvs is the promos happening right before the matches.

For almost everything on the card  it was Promo -> tale of the tape -> match.

I understand having a Promo right before the match (like WWF did back in the day) & I understand having a “tale of the tape” bit right before the match, but going from the promo to “tale of the tape” kills the anticipation. They’d be better off having the promos throughout the card to get people hyped up, then the tale of the tape before the match to give you a quick reminder.

Maybe they could have post-match interviews with some of the winners instead of some promos. If you talk to someone who’s just won the belt about how much it means to them & how good they the match was, it puts some sort of value on the match & gives the winner more airtime than his opponent (giving the impression that he’s achieved something, even though we know the titles are worth fuck all at this point).

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