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Solitary Man

July 15, 2011

I’m a lot more familiar with the Isaak, HIM & Johnny Cash versions of this song than the original, so i dunno if it’ll sound anything like Neil’s recording.

Isaak kicks ass though. You should check out his version on San Francisco Days if you’re not familiar with it.

Song by: Neil Diamond
Sung by: Me
Cameos by: Flat Eric (again) and Battleship command, for some reason. They are turning Battleship into a movie though, so i can always play the “look, i was into battleship before this movie & the movie has nothing to do with the game” card. Sure, everyone else can too (who hasn’t played battleship, honestly?), but it- erm, hold on, what the hell has battleship got to do with the song?

anyway… enjoy (or don’t, if it’s not your cup of tea).

Youtube tag suggestions follow: sad, country

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