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Wicked Game, seriously

July 6, 2011

I am a massive Chris Isaak fan, let’s get that out of the way first. I was also a massive H.I.M. fan back in the day (pre-Warner Bros, phone advertising era) & they were known for doing a great cover of this.

So you know how people have movies that they like to watch once a year or so? I’m like that with songs, only I cover them instead of watching &/or listening. I’d like to say that each recording gets better, but the recordings kinda peaked in 07 & now when i play this back all i hear is the damage 10+ years of smoking has done to my voice.

Maybe next year i’ll quit smoking & take some singing lessons to get it back into shape, but until then you’ll have to put up with my vocals sounding like this:

It’s “Take 2” because the mic wasn’t on during the first take (i facepalmed so hard).

Song By: Chris Isaak
Weird borders around the video by: Adobe Media Encoder
Cameo by: Flat Eric

Youtube’s suggested tags include “sad” “take” & “out”. I’m guessing it would’ve read “sad, take him out” if i didn’t already have him in the title.

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