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Nothing Since November?

December 20, 2010

With the podcast on hold & work being fucking ridiculous, i’ve neglected to update this even once since the black ops special went up.

In the last two months i set up a brand new RSS for the podcast, with new hosting as well. It’ll still download straight from soundcloud & the stream will stay on, but the RSS feed & iTunes feed will use the bandwidth of another host.

Soundcloud doesn’t give RSS feeds, so back when we started i was pulling my hair out trying to set one up & ended up using some code in yahoo pipes to convert the Tracks page to an RSS with media enclosures. For some reason, the rss stopped working in late October (which fucked up the iTunes subscriptions). I returned to square one & started pulling my hair out again, then i hunted through my old emails & was stuck between two options. Podomatic offers limited bandwidth & space, offers unlimited space & bandwith, but with no guarantee what time your episode will go live. I went with podomatic because of the hosting situation I explained above.

After that, it was time to get season 3 planned out propper & get the format tested. I couldn’t, because either Craig was busy or I was working. I’ve not heard from Stuart in quite some time, so he’ll probably not be a part of Season 3 (at least for the first few episodes).

Then it was COD: Black Ops time.

After that, real life got in the way again. I was getting increasingly ridiculous shifts at work, Christmas was drawing near &  my dog got put down.

Right now we’ve got another special episode recorded & are struggling to find a time to record  301. January 1st is the deadline, so keep an eye out, just in case we make it.

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