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How shit am i? Let’s count the ways…

October 19, 2010

The podcast hasn’t went up for over a month (could be two, anyone counting?) now & the only other content i’ve put up was the Jarre improv thing. The podcast will return, as soon as I manage talk to Craig about it & then decide what to do.

For a weekly podcast, it’s not doing too well. We’re not putting out an episode a week anymore, we’re not recording weekly anymore & we’re barely even taking weekly. It’s like an in-joke, without a crowd. I’m not saying it’s became the Duke Nukem Forever of podcasts (after all, people actually wanted Duke Nukem Forever), but it’s not operating anywhere near close to 50% efficiency & my motto as of late has been “it’ll be uploaded when it’s done.”

In the time between updates i’ve learned to play the ukulele, created some songs, shot & edited a short film & argued with myself over whether or not i should use this blog section of the site as an actual blog.
I’ve restrained from posting my thoughts on things & what i’m up to on here, mainly because i don’t consider my life to be all that interesting & my opinions on things to hold any real weight. I thought it was best that people stumble across the site & think “oh, he made that” & “oh, he’s doing videos now as well” (My thoughts don’t generally contain many people “oh!-ing in my direction, but i’m a shit writer & cant think of any great ways to begin peoples thoughts)(well, that’s a lie, but i’m not about to post someone’s hypothetical internal monologue containing praise for my own work).

I’ve fucked my own plan up by posting updates on shit i’m working on or reasons why the podcast isn’t up, so to anyone stumbling across the site it most likely looks like i’m just a lazy cunt who hasn’t updated his site in months.

I’m in the middle of writing ideas for a live show (both for uStream & the stage). It feels strange to say i’m writing something that’ll be improvised, but go-to topics are needed (should we start dying on our arse) & it’s better to recover with a funny line than walk away with your tail between your legs.

Also working on ideas for Season 3 (assuming we make it that far).
In season one we were “topical”. It wasn’t satirical , but it wasn’t far from it. We relied on the news for content & if the articles weren’t exactly amazing in the conversation starting department, the episodes never made it online.
In season two we tried clear topics & let the conversation unfold. We were lacking in the funny department, but had some good conversations & didn’t really repeat things we’d spoke about in the previous season.
Season three needs to be something fresh again.

When we recorded a test for the one year special, it felt like an old episode. It felt like we were on the phone, having a laugh like we did when we first came up with the idea. 2006’s “we should do a radio show” idea floated around as an in joke for what seemed like forever, then we discovered the means of doing so & in the past year we’ve went from 4 people listening to the pish we speak about to over 50.

With season three, it’s time to break 100.

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