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Podcast 203: Versus Al Pacino & Bobby De Niro

August 15, 2010

Craig and Martin take on the old question of who is better and why. They compare recent roles and find mixed results, wonder what Ted Levine was doing in Heat to begin with, try to think of actors that come close to the level of Pacino and De Niro & much, much more.

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  1. Bucky permalink
    August 16, 2010 12:23 AM

    Great discussion,guys.
    I go back and forth on the De Niro/Pacino debate,but usually lean towards favoring Pacino.Thankfully,it seems De Niro is starting to wise up about where his career has been going.Sure he’s got one last Fockers movie coming up,but the rest of his future projects show promise and his performance in “Everybody’s Fine” is supposed to be damn good.

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