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Oh, Politics

October 25, 2009

It does seem strange that I called out David Cameron & then created this new blue theme for the blog (although, it’s not like Private Eye are gong to call me out for being a hypocrite). Blue represents many things to many different people. To me, it just looked a lot better than the pumpkin/salmon theme. I did plan on putting up a checked black & white theme, but recent complaints (& the fact that it looked like I was advertising a 50’s themed diner) put an end to that. If someone can let me know what the colours of the BNP are, I’ll try to avoid those as much as humanly possible. I really should look into these things before doing them, but I think it shows that everything is political on some level. Especially on the internet, a place where you can say one thing & have 100 different people interpret it differently (from looking at the comment section, evidently not on this blog).

I’m still working on getting the blog to look the way I think it should. The big face you see at the side won’t always be my face. Sometimes it won’t be a face at all. At some point, the links at the bottom right will not fall under the category of BLOGROLL. I may spin everything off into different pages & have a tab at the top for music, another for videos & just have the home page cover my thoughts, we’ll see…

Anyone who’s suffered through more than a single post on here will have noticed that I blog more about the blog it’s self than anything else. So far, the call centres update & the recent David Cameron one are about the only non-blog related posts. This will change shortly & I’ll have real thoughts on a host of subjects that i’m sure at least one person on the internet will find interesting (& possibly flame me for). I’ll have new music uploaded before the end of the month as well, not to mention a podcast that’s been in the works for longer than I care to remember.

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  1. November 7, 2009 11:54 PM

    Good blog. Can’t wait to start my own blog.

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